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This is what causes your website ranking to stay bad despite using SEO

For business people, marketing their business is something that is always done. Because, in the present, competitors clearly have various ways to be on the first page of search engines. So do you. One that can help you do it is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You can use seo in new york which will help you in running SEO very well. Because SEO must be run by those who are experts in the field.

There are so many people who use SEO in their business, but not infrequently they also do not get the maximum results so that their website ranking cannot increase. There are several reasons why this happened. Some of the reasons in question are

1. Strength of competitors
If you set a keyword in the search engine and there are many people looking for it, then chances are there are many websites that set the same keywords. SEO is indeed tasked to strengthen these keywords, but if your competitors use SEO and have been handled by professionals, then competition will also increase.

2. Competitive keywords
In addition to high competitors, the keywords that you use also have a highly competitive level. So make sure that you use the right keywords and match the products you offer.

3. The reputation of the client’s website
For example, your online store has previously been banned by Google because it runs the SEO blackhat technique, or the hosting server that is often down, or other factors that Google does not like, the SEO process becomes more difficult, if possible it will take a relatively long time.

4. Update the Google Algorithm
All websites that appear on Google search results are arranged with special algorithms created and run by Google. At present, the algorithm that is run is the Hummingbird Algorithm which includes social media elements in the algorithm calculation. When there is a Google algorithm update, don’t be surprised if a website that already exists on the first page of Google then goes down.