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This is the Right Chair When Watching in the Cinema

You will often go to the movies to watch movies. This is often done by many people as entertainment when they are bored. However, make sure you have to have the ticket that you need when watching movies in the cinema. You can see prices and order them at AMC ticket prices. With that ticket, you won’t need to queue to get it.

However, when planning to watch a movie, all you need to think about is where you will sit. There are so many choices of seats in the cinema that you can choose. However, it turns out to get the right seat, you have to read some of these things.

Today modern cinemas have used stereo speakers with Dolby Digital or THQ technology. Well, that’s the loudspeaker technology that we can use as a benchmark to determine the best position to watch a movie in a cinema.
As we know, Dolby Digital produces digital surround sound from two speakers placed on the right and left of the screen. From here we can conclude that the most appropriate position to enjoy a movie is in the middle of the cinema. But do not rush to hunt for seats in the middle.

Making the decision to sit in the middle of the theater is also a mistake. Because the sound you hear in the middle of the seat is a neutral sound and tends not to be stereo. Then where is the best seat to watch a movie? The position that you are looking for is a row of two-thirds of the seat with the middle-most seat (around the C-F row and seat number 8-14). It would be better if the position you take is not too marginal to get the best image visualization. Try your views not to exceed 30 degrees from the screen, either vertically or horizontally. This method can make you get the position of watching with the best sound and picture quality.