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These Are Two Types of Tents You May Not Know

If you have outdoor activities, it will be very good if you have the right tent for the activity. You can get the tent you need at Visit their website and you can choose the one that suits your needs and activities.

In addition to camping tents and other tents that you already know. There are several other tents that you must recognize well. Some of them are

1. Tent Cafe
Cafe tents have now been designed easily to be installed and folded. Design and size can be adjusted to your liking. Cafe tents are usually used to relax in culinary and cafe businesses.

2. Dome Tent
This tent is a type of tent that is quite a lot of fans. Although the capacity and strength are not as strong as scout tents, this dome tent has many advantages that are worth considering. This tent can be inserted into the carrier. This tent is relatively light with a weight of 2-4 kg, as well as practical.