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The good things about reading books

Someone who likes to read books has been reported to have a higher level of creativity than people who do not or are less fond of reading. By reading books, we can share experiences with other people about various things, which we can later make as a consideration to be able to decide something. Aside from that, don’t forget to also pay a visit to the Library of Daniel Ballerini Connecticut near you.


It Can Improve Social Relations

Activities like reading this book also affect aspects of human social life, where he can get to know various kinds of characteristics, culture, and social life of a society. So if one day he visits the place, he already knows how to behave to respect their customs and culture.

It Can Help Prevent Decreased Cognitive Functions

Based on a study conducted by Rush University Medical Center states that someone who spends their time to do creative or intellectual activities such as reading has a cognitive decline rate of up to 32% than those who do not read later. Reading books can make the brain work more efficiently by changing the structure of age-related neuropathologies.

It Can Increase Someone’s Empathy

According to research conducted by New York University, reading books can improve our ability to better understand the feelings of others. So that it can improve the quality of a better relationship with the people around us.

It Can Encourage Someone’s Life Purpose

According to research conducted by Ohio State University states that reading books can help a person to get motivation in overcoming various kinds of obstacles so that later can help in achieving his life goals. When a person can better identify characters, experiences, and various events that seem to be happening to them, the more likely they are to take action.

It Can Help Us To Connect With The Outside World

A psychologist from the University of Buffalo stated that when someone is reading a book, it can help him to identify the characters in the book he reads. He will experience a type of real-life relationship that can increase the sense of inclusion. In other words, reading can increase friendship with the outside world.