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The general understanding of the structure foundation

The foundation is a part of the construction of a building, that functions to place the building and carry on the load distribution from the upper structure to the foundation ground. Which is strong enough to withstand the occurrence of differential settlement on the structural system. Make sure you understand this in order to learn how to do a fine concrete crack repair.

The foundation is a construction on the base of the structure/building (sub-structure) which functions to continue the load from the top structure/building (upper-structure) to the soil layer at the bottom without causing:

– Ground shear failure

– Reduction of land / over foundation.

In addition, the foundation is a part of the building element which functions to put down and forward the load to the base of the soil. It is strong to balance and support (respond) and can guarantee the stability of the building, at least against its own weight, workload, and earthquake load.

Examples of Land Buildings and their Application

1. Structural:

Retaining wall

2. Structural Note:



Types of foundations

Foundations can be classified into three types:

Shallow foundation

The Shallow Foundation, de: Flach- und Flächengründungen, which consists of:
– Local Foundation (Single Footing, de: Einzelfundament)

– Continuous Footing, de: Streifenfundament)

– Foundation Plates (Plate Foundation, de: Plattenfundament)

It is called a shallow foundation because the depth of entry into the soil is relatively shallow, only a few meters into the ground. One type that is often used is the usual continuous foundation in houses, made of concrete or masonry, continuing loads from walls and columns of buildings to
hard soil.

Deep Foundation

(Deep Foundation, de: Tiefgründungen). Used to channel building loads past the weak soil layer at the top to the harder bottom layer. Examples include Piles, Drill Poles, Emperor, and the like. The mention can vary depending on the discipline or market. for example Foundation of Pile Foundation (Pile Foundation, de: Pfahlgründungen).

Combination of Plate Base and Pile

(Combination of Plate-Pile Foundation, de: Kombinierte Platten-Pfahlgründungen).