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Rules In Using Socks

If you wear shoes, think about the Novelty Socks. Do not ruin your appearance by using sports socks. Buy socks that are lighter and comfortable, to make them look more fashionable.

Do not fold socks. There are some men who fold the ends of their socks to make socks look smaller. Though it will make their feet hurt. The solution is to buy a small sock, do not be too long if you want to wear it while attending an important event.

Avoid High Socks When Wearing Short Pants. When you wear shorts, try not to wear high socks. Keep socks on short sizes, just feet. In order to look more stylish, if you use a high sock will make you look more geeky and short. A lot of the latest fashion info that has been reviewing the carelessness of socks like this. Wearing socks when wearing shorts will only show your image look like a child. In addition, the use of such socks will make your feet look shorter than usual.