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Giving the “naughty” surprise for the husband

Hey ladies, have you never thought, photos with seductive poses and were privately addressed to your husband? Or at least, here. Seeing shows on television, photographers are busy shooting models with sensual styles and clothes, in a luxurious hotel room. I’m talking about boudoir photography.

Boudoir, in French, means women’s private rooms or dressing rooms. In the world of photography, this is not a pure concept, but a combination of several concepts of photography. That is Glamor, fashion, nude and erotic. However, don’t think about what really happened, yeah, ladies. The main purpose of this photo, to capture the sensual and sexy impression.

It’s not literally, no clothes, ladies. Usually, the models with this photo concept, wear t-shirts, or lingerie. From the results read some references. The key to success of boudoir photography is in the pose and angle of the photo itself. Not necessarily good at doing various poses like professional models, really. Pretty instinct ladies, and some references to some styles from the internet.

In a well-known site, there are several reasons why this photo concept is often chosen by women as special gifts for couples. Among other things, showing ladies’ confidence. The positive energy of ladies in the form of confidence can be “transmitted” to a partner. Simple, sentence, It’ll make him happy to see YOU so happy.

Is there anything to remember when executing boudoir photography?

1. Try to think what your partner likes

If your husband doesn’t like ladies wearing clothes that are too open, don’t force them too. Enough white shirts stare, with “seductive” poses, but husbands just like that, this is show time!

2. Wear only the ladies comfortable

As I said earlier. Boudoir photography, not always photos without clothes. Depending on what you wear, what matters is comfortable. Pose and angle, also influences produce boudoir photography, which is successful and burns the passion of the husband.

3. Make sure the photo ladies file is only for you and your partner

Whatever gadget the ladies use for photography, in my opinion (for security and privacy reasons). It’s best to know only the two of you. For whatever reason, don’t let your sensual photo file change hands.