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Does Your Face Look Different on the Mirror and on the Photo?

Have you ever done a simple analysis of why our faces that look in the mirror are much more interesting than the selfie photos? Apparently, there are some explanations of it. One of the biggest factors is the photos usually show upside-down from what we see in the mirror. If you want to ensure that your makeup result will be as best as your expectation to get the best result in capturing your face, then you can consider Makeup Mirror.

When we take a selfie photo using the front camera on the phone or photo app, it’s actually your face as others see it. Seeing your own face taken upside-down from what looks on the mirror may be a bit strange, especially since the face looks less symmetrical. The result is often less pleasing to the liver. Some parts of the face or special features will look different between the results of selfie photos with the look in the mirror. When looking in the mirror, we unconsciously turn our faces, usually to a certain angle that we think is best. This becomes our most appealing look.