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Different Style of Caring for A Car will Show A Different Type of Men

A car is a man’s world. Especially luxury cars, men are usually more careful in caring for, comparable to the costs incurred. They do not want the car to be damaged quickly and the cost of repairs is higher. Many things are done in caring for a red car, one of which is checking acceleration so that the speed remains stable. The test is 0-60 times, with the aim of knowing how many seconds it takes to reach 60MPH. There are certain standards in each car, so if the results are below standard it needs to be repaired.

Every man also has his own style in caring for a car. Believe it or not, this style shows the personality of the owners. As light information, we will provide the following types:

– Fun and want to look fancy types
Who doesn’t want to have a sports car? This car can show the macho and masculine side of men. However, if you are too happy to collect this type of car in a variety of striking colors like yellow, red or black, and too proud of the car, you could say you are the type of guy who just wants to be seen in front of everyone. You don’t care what important people say you like with a lifestyle like this.

– Metrosexual type
Nobody wants to show their shortcomings, even if they are men. Usually, men will keep pomade or perfume in the car so they always look attractive at any time. However, if there are more than 2 products in the car and even have a set of skin care creams including lotions, you can say you are metrosexual or even girly.

– Perfectionist type
If you pay close attention to the details of the appearance of the car, from the exterior to the interior, always caring for car maintenance such as polishing and tuning even to diligently wash the car once a week means you are a very perfectionist. Because for you the appearance of the car greatly supports one’s appearance. So you don’t want to give a negative impression to many people who are close to you.