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Determining a Woman’s Hair Model According to Face Shape

After knowing the structure of the face, it is time to determine a woman’s hair model according to the shape of the face. By knowing the desired picture, you don’t need to be confused anymore when you come to the salon. The following is giving some women’s hairstyles according to the shape of the face that you can make inspiration. You can sort it according to the circumstances, preferences, and of course the face pattern you have.

1. Round

Many say that a woman’s hairstyle fits the shape of a round face is to avoid short pieces. For those of you who want to avoid the chubby impression on your face, choose the cut sideways and shaggy pieces. Actually, if you are braver and confident with your round face, it’s fine short hair. No need to be ashamed of what God has given us. Even daring to appear with short pieces can create its own uniqueness. If you lack confidence with a rounded face, it is not advisable to experiment with pieces like this. You can try the wavy layers hairstyle. This cut means creating an accent that frames the face so that it can slightly reduce the impression of a round on your face.

2. Oval

Many people think that the hairstyle according to the oval face shape is flexible. This is because the oval is the ideal form for the face. Want short or long hair, all can be suitable if your face is oval. For those of you who feel too oval, you can use a shoulder length woman’s hairstyle. This aims to reduce the length of the oval line. Another style is to try straight and thick bangs. Thick bangs can highlight the eyes and remove the excess distance between the forehead and chin. Bangs are perfect for sweetening you with an oval face and short and long hair. If you want to try short hair on the shoulder, you can try short shaggy pieces or asymmetrical bob. Both short hairstyles for long faces can give a young impression.