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Clean Water Treatment with Water Filters

The three general stages in water treatment with water filters allow you to make a simple water filter device from a combination of several important substances such as palm fiber, gravel, to activated carbon which in this case is represented by charcoal from coconut shells. In particular, the stages that will be traversed by polluted water to get clean water are. Do you plan to buy alkaline water purifier?

In the process of deposition of material in water such as dust, gravel, mud, or other precipitated substances will be deposited. In some cases, alum is used in this deposition. Whereas when the process of removing and absorbing chemicals and germs from water, chemicals from the water must go through a fairly long screening process. There are so many substances that must be passed to produce clean water. Each substance has its own function. For example, activated carbon that can absorb certain chemicals but cannot take minerals and mercury from the water.